We help you build a personal brand to secure the job and salary you want

Establish yourself as a leading expert in your field

Differentiate yourself from the competition at any level

Make a killer first impression when someone Google's your name


  • 8 out of 10 hiring managers say experience matters more than education
  • Hiring managers google candidates of any level before they make contact
  • Academic honors carry little to no weight in hiring decisions
  • Companies expect hires to be multi-dimensional not single-skilled


The 3 Day Personal Brand Builder will show you how to get the experience you need before you even get the job. Establish yourself as an expert in your field and let your work speak for itself. This will set you apart from the pack.

We will set you up to leapfrog entry-level titles and negotiate a salary that exceeds industry standards

Are you ready to be Googled? Did you know that when nothing comes up it can be just as damaging to your chances as if something negative comes up? We will help you create the identity that will get you the job.

Stop wasting time and money on counselors  and services that are giving you dated advice - it's 2018! 


3 day personal brand builder

What you'll get from our three days together

  • Intensive coaching sessions to identify a viable career path or refine your approach to an existing path

  • High quality, professional photos for your personal brand

  • A personal website that tells your story and why you're  the best candidate for the job

  • A content roadmap that will establish you as an expert and thought-leader in your field

  • A crash course in negotiating your compensation and title so you don't leave money or status on the table

  • A complete social media tune-up to create consistency for your personal brand across the internet whether people are searching for you on Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or another relevant site

  • Business cards you can distribute at networking events and interviews so people know you're a serious person and can research you properly

  • An updated resume that incorporates your new personal brand

  • An SEO strategy that will surface your name in google results so your professional profile is first

why work with me?

     My name is Jason Ziemianski. I'm a C-level executive and certified executive coach that has been at the cutting edge of technology and media for almost twenty years. I have worked with leading brands including MTV, Sony, Facebook, YouTube, Univision and more building campaigns and developing content that keep those brands relevant. I have also built brands from the ground up that have reached millions of people worldwide across all platforms and mediums. Now, I bring this experience in building world class brands to help you build a personal brand that will differentiate you from your competition, give you staying power in your industry and accelerate your growth in title and compensation. 

     As someone that has run companies and departments hiring dozens of people, I know first-hand how candidates blend together and how resumes only tell a small part of the story (if they're even true). I, and other hiring managers, want to see more from the people we consider bringing on to our teams. That's why I started Strategic Job Finder. I don't want to see one more person put their worst foot forward or negotiate against themselves in the room.

     I have developed an intensive, 3-day program that will help you discover or further-define a viable career path, take control of your identity to be properly presented in a digital world and develop a personal brand that will make you stand out from the pack. Whether you're Ivy League or dropped out, you will be positioned to leapfrog entry level jobs and secure a salary that exceeds industry standards. Stop sending resumes blindly and start telling your story. Give me a call and let's make this happen together.

Contact me today for a consultation on how we can get started building a future that aligns with your vision of success.